Financial Qualities to Look for in a Partner

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Published on: May 29, 2017

Someone once told me that men marry for love, while women marry for security. Although it isn’t the most romantic thing to hear, on some level, it does make sense. Every time we hear a woman who refuses to date a man who doesn’t earn six figures, we instantly dismiss them as opportunistic or shallow – but the truth is, we actually understand. Some women need to have that kind of security, but we believe that there are more important financial qualities to look out for when looking for a potential partner – and some of those qualities are as follows:

1. Someone Who’s Ambitious

While there’s no need for every woman to date a millionaire, it’s never a bad idea to find someone who isn’t a slacker. A drive to earn is an essential quality to have, especially if you’re looking for someone you’d want to spend your life with. He doesn’t need to have lots of money yet, but wouldn’t it better to find someone who’s determined to chase his dreams?

2. Someone Who Has a Clear Financial Goal

Ambition is just the first half of the equation – he needs to have a clear financial goal as well. Does he know what steps to take to get where he wants to be, career-wise? Or is he someone who sorts of just go with the flow and waits for things to turn out well. When it comes to finances, is he productive or passive?

3. Someone Who Desires to Learn New Things

The best way to avoid a stagnant career is to continue studying. For instance, doctors attend medical conferences because there’s always something new in science – and the same thing is true in every industry. So be sure to date someone who strives to earn more degrees, set new goals and develop bigger dreams. After all, a person who strives hard in his career likely works just as hard in his personal life.

4. Someone Who Won’t Be Jealous of Your Success

Aside from having ambition and a financial goal, your potential partner should be someone who’s happy with your own success. Don’t settle for someone who’ll make you prioritize his dreams over yours. Remember, his desires may be important, but so is your own dreams and goals.

Apart from being smart and having a good sense of humour, a good financial quality is also a must-have when looking for a potential partner. So before you start taking things seriously, ensure that the person you’re dating now has the aforementioned qualities. Finding someone who has these qualities will certainly make you feel secure both now and in the future.

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Published on: November 1, 2015

Mosquitoes as Biological Weapons on World War II

Mosquitoes have been considered by many as a threat since many cases of its deadly bites like Dengue Fever, Malaria and the like have been widely proven. But in some aspects of life, the Nazis have considered mosquitoes in as a useful tool for biological weapons during World War II.
Research has been conducted at an institute in Dachau on how long could mosquitoes infected by Malaria disease live long in certain territory of an enemy. The Dachau Entomological Institute was built on January 1942 led by Heinrich Himmler. During the time of war German soldiers are prone to typhoid and they were alarmed for having a typhoid epidemic in their camp.
The main task of the institution is to find cure on insects that are transmitting this kind of sickness. On the other hand, Dr. Klaus Reinhardt said that the institution was built in order to make further studies on making biological weapons for the war. Researchers found many types of mosquitoes in the year 1944.
The studies showed that these insects have different life spans whether they could survive in a long time from a breeding area to the place where they will be dropped. The Anopheles mosquito was been considered as strong enough to infect Malaria disease to people.
Throughout the Second World War, Adolf Hitler had activated and reigned over the utilization of biological and chemical weapons as forms for mass destruction. The research by Himmler has been proved of no use and of little value at the end. After all it was said that the studies done were only for Himmler’s personal benefits. The research of Nazis’ has also been made ridiculous.

Courting Singaporean Women

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Published on: August 8, 2014

In many Western countries like Canada, United Kingdom and United States of America, courting is directly done and abruptly starts. Singaporean woman differs a lot compared to other women countries because of the attitudes and traits that Singapore women possess. Before a guy can have a successful partner, he must go through many challenges. However, once it is done, a very rewarding feeling is experienced.


The Sweet Creation

Before the boys are going to ask a girl a date, boys typically make friendship to the one he liked most. As a matter of fact, they are not making any effort to immediately court. In fact, they are just taking advantage to the friendship so that girls will love them. In this point, it is only pure friendship and there are no holding hands, hugging and kissing involved here. .


The Careful Date

This is the next stage after the friendship stage. Here, the man start to court the woman and as usual ladies needs to be like a “hard to get” girl so that guys will be challenged more. However, only patient guys can stay to this kind of test.

The reason why girls need to be hard to get is that they have to assess first if the guy fits their qualifications. The challenges a woman does to the guy will determine the sincerity of the man to the woman.

The Public Date

After gaining the sweet ‘yes’ of the girl, both of you are ready to face the public and let friends and family know that you have found your happiness.



The Third Lock Project of Panama Canal

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Published on: June 8, 2014

If you are in maritime trade, you know Panama Canal and how it is crucial in your operations. Panama Canal is a ship canal that links Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The completion of the Canal was an engineering feat. Panama Canal is crucial in world economy because it is the safest, shortest and fastest  route to America’s West Coast and countries around Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.


Panama Canal has two locks that lifts ships to Gatun Lake. The government thought about expanding so they decided to build a third lock. It is still under construction and it will be opened in 2015. Panama Canal Authority manages and operates the Canal. For the purposes of learning, here are some things that you need to know about the third lock project of Panama Canal:


The new lock will feature doubled sliding gates for safety and security purposes. The gates will be 1,200 feet long, 180 feet wide and 160 feet deep. Every flight of the third lock will be escorted by 9 water basins. There will be 3/lock chamber. It is 230 feet wide, 1400 feet long and 18 feet deep.



There have been issues surrounding the construction of the third lock. The group that works on the expansion threatens to suspend its operations unless Panama pay for cost overrun amounting to $1.6 billion. GUPC (Grupo Unidos  por el Canal) consortium led by Sacyr Vallehermoso got the contract.


Panama Canal Authority and GUPC are still talking to resolve the above mentioned cost overrun. The Panama Canal Authority prohibited EU (European Union) to mediate the dispute with the construction conglomerate. The project is now ¾ complete. If it is completed, it will double the Canal’s capacity to handle ships.


Learning to Value Simple Things

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Published on: April 30, 2014

In many bars around the city, wines and other kind of drinks are always present. Bars provide drinks for people who want to relax and want to socialize. However, the primary goal wine is to get a toast for a better friendship or relationship.

Praelum Wine Bistro_horizontal

Drinking is only an ordinary happening in a person’s life. However, if it is valued deeply, you will get the essence of it. You will feel how important it was and how unforgettable the days and the experiences that pass by. For a great celebration, have Praelum Wine Bistro to aid you to take pleasure in your toast.


The Big Toast

If you are having difficulties in deciding on where you will be going to select a wine to enjoy, not anymore because Praelum will give you the most lovely and delectable wine of your choice. But before that, let us know first what this wine expert is.

In Latin term, Praelum is known as “wine press” in Latin. It was directed by Gerald Lu a multi-awarded Sommelier and has an exceptional skill in this business. And what’s good about Praelum? Everything seems to be perfect – the equipment used, the bottle, the taste of the wine and its cork. In the place, you can choose anything you like as long as you can pay it. On the other hand, if you want to have partner with the wines, you can include the French Indo-chinese food in your table. These recipes are particularly made to go well with wines.  For a nice night, let Praelum give it to you.

praelum (1)


How to Submit Your Art into a Gallery

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Published on: July 30, 2013

There comes a time when a professional artist feels the need to submit their art work for reviews by museums, galleries, and potential buyers. This step should be planned in advance, and the material should be edited a couple of times for a flawless perfection before it is finalized for submission. When you have finally submitted your work, do not expect to get an answer right away. Reputable art galleries receive volumes of artwork submissions to review and may take weeks or months before you get a response.  Here are the things you need to do when submitting a work in an art gallery.


1. Look for a gallery that specializes in the type of art you want to submit.

Though there are so many art galleries in Singapore, all of them vary on the type of art they focus on. In order to have a bigger chance for your art piece to be accepted, you have to pick the right art gallery Singapore  that specializes on the field of art you want to submit,. Galleries that specialize in a specific field have the ability to give constructive and significant reviews on the type of art you want to pursue.

2. Search for the gallery’s submission procedures.

Once you found a gallery that focuses on your field of art, search in the Internet for the gallery’s official site and navigate through their page if there’s information given on how to submit an artwork to their gallery. Read and understand all the listed guidelines, submission policies, and requirements, and follow them accordingly. If there are no procedures or guidelines provided in their website, proceed with the following steps.

3. Answer all questions needed to be answered on the website.

Many art galleries in Singapore require artist information, like contact number, email address, and a short biography. Some may even ask you to email them a link of your website where they can view your art pieces.

4. Compile a number of your best works in a portfolio.

Choose a couple of art pieces you think will look appealing to the art gallery to which you are submitting your work. If you wish to submit a hardcopy of your art portfolios, know the proper layout of hardcopy submissions. Some art galleries accept only digital or hardcopy portfolios, while others may require digital and hardcopy.


5. Make a slide of your 10 recent artworks.

Another option is to save the pictures in a CD digital format. Just make sure that they are compatible to PC and MAC systems.  Re-size the photos at a minimum of 600 dots per inch to ensure high-quality photos that resemble vinci contemporary art in Singapore and title each image file with your last name, artwork’s name, and the year it was created.

6. Write a cover letter.

Introduce yourself by writing a cover letter. Also include the main points why you believe your work should be accepted to the gallery. Include your art-related experiences, brief explanation of the type of art you’re in, and art background in 400-500 words.

7. Write a proposal letter only if you’re requested to write an exhibition proposal. 

Include in your proposal letter an overview of the concept of your proposed show, nature and number of your works included, and the installation and timeline and installation details. After which, mail a marketing package to the gallery that contains your portfolio and cover letter. Follow up a phone call after several weeks of no response.

8. Visit the gallery if you’d prefer a cold call rather than portfolio submission.  

Dress well and check the art gallery schedule in advance to ensure you are not interrupting a busy exhibition or event. Ask if you can talk with the manager, and explain the good points why you believe your art pieces should be accepted in their gallery. If the manager is not around or isn’t available, leave your business card. Your business card should contain all your contact numbers, email address, and the website where they can view your works.

Where to Spend Your Weekend

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Published on: July 25, 2013

The week is almost over. What are your plans? If you are thinking about working extra hours, you should seriously re-think about it. You deserve a break. Pausing for a while to have a good time will not hurt you or your job. In fact, it will do you good. Sometimes you need a change of setting to gather your thoughts and collect inspiration.

If you have no money to spare for any luxurious things or activities, you can simply stay inside the house and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing. Being with the family, sleeping, reading or cooking might be simple but it can make a difference at the end of the day. If you want a thrilling weekend, you have three things to consider:



You know that Orchard Road is the shopping belt of Singapore. Starting here is a good choice. You will see many malls and shopping centres both featuring local and international designs and brands. There’s Zara, Top Shop, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Banana Republic and many more.


If you want to eat, you have many choices. If your taste buds seek Indian cuisines, you should go straight to Little India. There are Chinese and Malay cuisines for you to try too. One weekend will never be enough when you talk about discovering food.



Singapore boasts of night life. If you are up to partying, you should call your friends to join you. You can go to Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Club Street, Robertson Quay, Holland Village and Sentosa. If you want to go to Sentosa, you can hop from one place to another. There are endless clubs that you can join.

Now that is not so hard, right? Shopping, eating and partying are thrilling and exciting if you give it a chance. Explore and experience the goodness of the world. Your weekends will never be that boring. You will see.

Responding to Haze Crisis

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Published on: July 25, 2013

Singaporeans learned something after the PSI skyrocketed last June. The People’s Association together with the NTUC FairPrice Foundation initiated a response system that seeks to improve the government’s means when responding to a crisis particularly if it is about haze. The system is called WeCare PAck.


FairPrice Foundation granted S$1m while the CDCs (Community Development Councils) gave S$200,000 each. This project seeks to increase the people’s chances of survival during a haze conditions. The PAck or kit stores:


The PAck consists of instant foods. Though it is not advisable, we cannot choose what to eat when a crisis starts. It is better than not eating at all. There are also other food included like canned foods, water and biscuits.

Medical kit

When there is crisis, medical kit should be provided. The PAck includes medical kit just in case you hurt yourself in the process.

N95 mask

N95 masks are important especially during haze. The mask effectively filters pollutants giving you clean air to breath. But there are many controversies surrounding the distribution of N95 masks. Many Singaporeans were angered because of the improper distribution of the government of N95 masks.  WeCare PAck will serve as your response system.

You should make it a habit to check the PSI level before you leave your house. When it is high and the advisory says to limit outdoor activities for children, pregnant women and elders, you should follow without any doubt. If you really need to get out despite the imminent danger, you should always wear your N95 mask. You can find a N95 mask in your survival kit.

To prevent haze, we should lessen or reduce the use of energy. We cannot force many people to just do that. We should do our best to contribute to the environment.

Planning a Bbq Party

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Published on: July 23, 2013

A bbq cookout party is popular in Singapore for events like birthday parties, wedding receptions, reunions, and summer parties. Regardless of the reason why you have decided to throw a bbq party, the memories created by such event are sure to be remembered by your guests for many years to come, just as long as you plan it well. So, to make ordinary parties unforgettable, here’s a step-by-step guide of in planning an outdoor satay party.


    1. Decide the kind of party to throw. Are you aiming for an intimate cookout affair just with the family or an upscale gala night for your bosses and colleagues to enjoy? In planning an event, take into consideration the theme and mood of the day (or night) and formulate your menu and party decorations accordingly.
    2. Draft your guest list. It’s not only the decorations that you’re going to match with the event’s theme, but your guests as well. For instance, if you’re throwing a couple’s event by purchasing Springocean bbq singapore food it would be inappropriate to invite a newly-divorced friend to the party. Moreover, try as much as possible to make calls or distribute invitations at least three weeks in advance for proper RSVP time. Provide an area in your invitation where your guests can indicate food allergies to ensure proper choices of food for all your guests. Depending on the venue, you might also want to include attire suggestions, such as swimsuits for poolside bbq party, sneakers for rocky lake side get-together, or sweaters for late evening outdoor affair.
    3. Prepare the bbq menu. Though guests’ food allergies and preferences are all important considerations, budgeting as well is one of the key factors in creating your party menu. Aside from your spring ocean bbq catering options, consider your cooking abilities in the equation as well. If your cooking skill is like that of a novice, it would be wise to leave the cooking to professional bbq catering providers. But if you think you have excellent cooking skills, it would be cheaper not to hire a bbq catering service and do the labor yourself instead. Plan every dish to make, compare bbq wholesale prices from different Singapore bbq wholesale shops like springocean bbq food and do the cooking your own way.


    1. Check the supplies you already have. Walk through your kitchen and check what utensils you already have. Check every drawer and cabinet for place settings and proper serving utensils that you will need. Also, check if you have enough decorations to beautify the venue. Be creative and resourceful! Consider household knickknacks that can be reused in creating elaborate décor. Lastly, make sure you have enough chairs and tables for all your invited guests. It will also help to add a few more extra seats, just in case somebody brings along with them an unexpected friend.
    2. List down things to buy. Now that you’ve checked what supplies you readily have at home, it’s time to shop for those that you don’t have. Include decor essentials, lighting (string lights or candles), plastic containers, trash bags, cleaning supplies, serving stations, table accessories, and bbq food ingredients on your list. For bbq food ingredients, purchase them in bbq wholesale stores to get great discounts.


  1. Create a preparation check list. Analyze the things you have to do on the day of the event in Singapore and right them down in proper order.  This will help you reduce pre-party stress and keep track of the things you have to do from the beginning of the day down to the last minute of the party.

New Neonatal Hospital in Singapore

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Published on: July 22, 2013

Good news for mothers out there- there is a new neonatal hospital and it is fully operational. The neonatal hospital is considered as the largest neonatal ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in Southeast Asia. The hospital is nestled within KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The neonatal hospital can accommodate up to thirty two babies plus it is equipped with advance medical technology to increase the chances of the survival of babies.


Now, babies that suffer high risk conditions can have a chance in life. Caring for the baby will start when you are pregnant. Mothers should be healthy so their babies will be healthy when they arrive. You can do the following things:

Consult your doctor

It is important that you always consult your doctor in the duration of your pregnancy. Doctors are very effective monitoring your progress and the baby’s progress. When you have an appointment, you should do your best to attend.

Follow doctor’s advice

You should follow doctor’s advice. They will give you supplements and vitamins so you can stay healthy. They will also tell you the best foods to eat and what exercises to do. It is imperative that you follow their advice or recommendations because it can greatly impact in the formation of your baby.


When you are waiting for the coming of your baby, you should take it slowly and calmly. Don’t panic especially if you are nearing your due date.

If you are nearing your due date, you should carefully monitor your condition because it can be crucial for the baby. Seeing babies with tubes, medical equipments and needles is an unpleasant sight. As a mother, we should do our best to keep our baby healthy until he/she grows up.

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